Teacher administering a vision test in a rural African school (Kenya)

Disability screening tools and when to use them: Lessons learned under the Equity Initiative

Since the launch of the Disability Task Team under the Education Equity Research Initiative in 2017, a significant theme of the group’s work has been on researching effective and efficient screening tools for children with disabilities. Task Team members have presented on experiences using specific tools in different contexts, conducted analysis of cross-country approaches and consolidated a mapping of different tools available. These timely efforts coincided with a period in which donors have been requiring more data disaggregation by disability, and establishing their own guidelines for using screening tools in education projects.

As we wrap up the Equity Initiative, we can continue to use the Disability Task Team’s many contributions as a road map for a sustained commitment to strengthening research on screening tools for children with disabilities. Below, we have brought together the many strands of this work to present key guidance for implementers on how disability screening can be responsibly integrated into education programming.

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