Charlie Gale

Former Research Associate

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Charlie Gale was a Research Associate with the Research & Evaluation unit of FHI 360’s Global Education division. He provided coding and analytical support to large-scale evaluations of education projects. Gale’s most intensive work supported the randomized program evaluation of early-grade literacy and numeracy interventions in northern Nigeria, and he supported projects in Ghana, Haiti, Kenya, Malawi and South Sudan.

Gale also worked with FHI 360’s Education Policy and Data Center, where he oversaw an extensive public-use database and worked to update the recent household survey and administrative data sets. He has published research on education trends and policies in academic journals, and for organizations such as the OECD, UNICEF and USAID.

Prior to his work at FHI 360 he was an English teacher and helped launch a microfinance program for university students in the Philippines. Gale will enroll as a PhD student at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education in the fall of 2017.