Year in review: R&E Search for Evidence 2023

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This year, our blog attracted more than 30,000 readers from 170 countries around the world. Together, they viewed posts on our blog more than 40,000 times.
In 2023, the R&E Search for Evidence blog published 10 posts about research, evidence, and evaluation by FHI 360 colleagues. These posts discussed various topics including youth development, hand hygiene, and contraceptives research, among others. Throughout 2023, our blog attracted more than 30,000 readers from 170 countries around the world. Together, they viewed posts on our blog more than 40,000 times.

Research activities at FHI 360

Drawing on their research expertise and ongoing activities, six colleagues at FHI 360 contributed to our blog in 2023.

Emily Hoppes, Technical Officer with FHI 360’s Product Development and Introduction department, highlighted findings from a recent consultation on the role of contraception in preventing and managing anemia. “This consultation provided a venue for researchers to present their work, draw connections, identify overlaps, and brainstorm potential areas for collaboration.”

Marking the Global Handwashing Day, FHI 360’s Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) intern, Meriam Zegeye, and Program Officer, Aarin Palomares, highlighted the latest evidence on hand hygiene behavior change using evidence from the most recent Hand Hygiene Research Summary published by the Global Handwashing Partnership.

Felix Fernandez and Pamela Carter, who are Principal Research Scientist and a Director of Research, respectively, with FHI 360’s US programs, shared their approach and methods for designing a collaborative evaluation framework and briefly discused key findings while evaluating the Center for Financial Inclusion (CFI) approach for building generational wealth.

Melissa Otero, Director with our Social Marketing and Communications department, discussed how she and her team learned from a study examining the most effective media and messages as well as the lowest media frequency needed to increase enrollment in a diabetes prevention program by people living in rural areas.

Summaries of external research

Our blog is also a platform for our colleagues and interns to summarize and write about research beyond their own. In 2023, FHI 360 interns Raphael Miller, Ava Landell, and Ian Manzi all had the opportunity to contribute to the blog. Their posts discusses various topics, including measurement of Sustainable Development Goal 16, youth development policies, and the spillover effects of agricultural interventions.

Book Reviews

In addition to discussing research and evaluation, we also welcome book reviews by our colleagues. FHI 360’s Strategy Manager, Morgan Rees, shared two book reviews with us in 2023. In the first, she discussed the transition of INGOs to locally led development, reviewing What Transformation Takes. In the second, she reviewed Poverty, By America, summarizing the author’s explanation for poverty in America and what he presents as the solution.

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