World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day blog post series

This series of R&E Search for Evidence blog posts from FHI 360 thought leaders throughout 2018 focuses on HIV/AIDS research methods and findings.

Beyond the trial: What impact does engagement and participatory practice have on HIV research outcomes?
By Kate MacQueen: This post highlights evidence on how engagement and good participatory practices are applied (and with what results) for HIV prevention.

Custom indicators track online outreach in Jamaica
By Abrahim Simmonds and Shelly Trim: This post shares how custom indicators track online outreach to HIV key populations in Jamaica.

New research underscores the connection between economics and HIV
By Mandy Swann: This post summarizes research that provides insight into the role of economic factors in HIV prevention, testing and treatment.

FHI 360 science at AIDS 2018
By Timothy Mastro and Otto Chabikuli: This post highlights presentations from FHI 360 scientists at AIDS 2018 that contribute to the 90-90-90 HIV goals.

The state of the evidence for household economic strengthening approaches for HIV outcomes
By Emily Namey: This post summarizes findings from a review of the evidence linking household economic strengthening interventions with HIV outcomes.

Cultivating HIV scientists for Africa: The INTEREST Conference, Kigali, Rwanda
By Timothy Mastro: This post highlights research presentations from African scientists at the 2018 INTEREST Conference in Kigali, Rwanda.

Increasing HIV detection with incentive-based, peer-referral approach known as Risk Tracing Snowball Approach
By Srean Chhim: This post describes the design and evaluation outcomes of an HIV Risk Tracing Snowball Approach intervention in Cambodia.

Photo credit: NIAID / CC BY 2.0 license