Research Roundtable video: Improving health equity in the United States

Illustration of films reels depicting screen shots from the Research Roundtable video

In this episode of Research Roundtable, I talk with my colleague Dr. Gretchen Thompson about her publication, co-authored with FHI 360 colleagues, on health equity. With the objective of finding strategies that can work to improve health equity in the United States, they use a social determinants of health framework to explore global strategies for addressing health equity. Using a careful selection process, they identify seven countries for in-depth case study – some a bit surprising! Gretchen and I talk about the interesting qualitative methods the research team employed to analyze these case studies. The analysis highlights four strategies recommended for the United States: 1) decolonization, 2) multisectoral collaboration, 3) participatory approaches and 4) reducing spatial inequality. I learned the most from the report’s description of decolonization strategies, and in our conversation, I ask Gretchen to explain more about these.


Read the full research report (2019).

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