Research Roundtable video: Assessing the health status of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh

Illustration of films reels depicting screen shots from the Research Roundtable video

In this Research Roundtable video, Taufique Joarder joins me to discuss his coauthored review article that examines the health status of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. We discuss the history and current state of Rohingya refugees and why a better understanding of their health status is critical in this crisis and future humanitarian responses elsewhere. Taufique shares with me his motivation for conducting research on health records and what the implications might be for NGOs planning work with Rohingya refugee camps. His records review pulls data from published journal articles as well as institutional reports from NGOs operating in the camps. The results present sobering numbers about gender-based violence and surprising findings related to noncommunicable diseases among refugees. We discuss those results and the immediate impact the research has had on policy.

You can also read the full research paper (2020).

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