Masego Gilbert

Masego Gilbert is a Senior Technical Advisor for HIV Programs and a key populations specialist at FHI 360, Botswana. Under EpiC Project she provide technical assistance to community clinical partners and public health facilities to provide stigma and discrimination free HIV prevention, Care and Treatment to key populations at speed and scale, and with key populations led civil society organization to create demand for clinical services among key populations. She provides technical assistance to ministry of health to address structural barriers and healthcare access for key populations, including policy advocacy and capacity building of healthcare workers in KP competent clinical services. Masego is also the technical lead for decentralized distribution of ART services (DDD models ) and has introduced private sector models: Viral load testing using private laboratories to improve VL monitoring  coverage among key people living with HIV, home based ARV deliveries using courier services and partnerships with private clinics  in 2020, when COVID-19 had disrupted service deliveries.

Masego completed her MBBS with University of West Indies in Trinidad, Post graduate diploma in HIV Management with Colleges of Medicine in South Africa, Masters in Science Global Health with University of Manchester and recently Public Health Policy and Management at Emory University, Atlanta in USA.