Diana Rutherford

Former Technical Advisor


Diana Rutherford was a Technical Advisor in the Research and Evaluation department of FHI 360’s Global Education, Employment and Engagement business unit. She has over 25 years of experience in developing countries addressing issues such as economic development, livelihoods, enabling environment, rule of law, and anti-corruption. She was responsible for research design and leading teams from study design and implementation, through analysis, results interpretation and dissemination. She focused on using research and evaluation to facilitate programming that intentionally seeks to improve the wellbeing of children and youth whether the program targets them directly or indirectly.

Rutherford led the Youth Power Action Integrated Workforce Development and Sexual & Reproductive Health Assessment and was co-investigator on a study to examine how positive youth development interventions affect youth resilience. Rutherford was co-investigator on two studies on the effects of savings group participation for PLHIV and vulnerable children and another study on how referral networks affect PLHIV access to care, adherence and retention. She was previously Principal Investigator for STRIVE, which tested the results of economic strengthening projects on direct and indirect beneficiaries (especially children) in the Philippines, Liberia, Mozambique, and Afghanistan. She was with the IRIS Center at the University of Maryland from 1998-2012 where she worked on projects for USAID like the Poverty & Conflict Learning Network, E&E Anti-corruption program and the Georgia Rule of Law program; the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Financial Services Assessment and the World Bank’s Decentralization project.

Rutherford holds a master’s degree in International Relations from American University. She has authored several publications including peer-reviewed manuscripts.