FHI 360’s R&E Search for Evidence quarterly highlights

The Research and Evaluation Strategic Initiative team published 14 posts during the last quarter in our blog, R&E Search for Evidence. For those not familiar with our blog, it features FHI 360 thought leaders who write about research and evaluation methodology and practice, compelling evidence for development programming, and new findings from recent journal publications. We have published 31 original posts to date! In this post, I will summarize our most recent posts and highlight some of my favorites.

Highlights from the last quarter include the publication of our first book review post (the first of many, we hope!). Two posts on evaluation looked at how to get more for less, in one case using the power of partnership to collect more data and the other overcoming challenging conditions to make an ex-post evaluation rigorous. Two other posts highlighted advances in research approaches, one in the field of integrated development and the other in education. And, two posts focused on HIV, one reviewing recent evidence for HIV key populations and the other reporting on the International AIDS Society (IAS) Conference on HIV Science (IAS 2017). Plus, we added three posts to our series on sampling, including our most viewed post of the period that breaks down how many interviews (or focus groups) you need in your study. I wrote about big data, otherwise known as Data of Unusual Size.

These are a few of my favorite posts from the last quarter:

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