Catherine Packer

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Catherine Packer is a Senior Research Associate in the Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Division at FHI 360. She has collaborated on and co-led research and intervention projects for more than a decade related to sexual and reproductive health with an emphasis on adolescents and other under-served groups.

Packer is experienced in project management; technical assistance; monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL); and qualitative and quantitative social and behavioral research. Catherine’s recent work has been in self-care; DMPA-SC self-injection (introduction, scale-up, and research); social norms related to adolescents’ reproductive health; postabortion care (PAC); advocacy for vasectomy in lower- and middle-income countries; and retention in HIV services of adolescents living with HIV.

Packer holds a Master of Science in Public Health degree specializing in international reproductive health from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.