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R&E SEARCH for EVIDENCE delivers in-depth coverage of research and evaluation methods and findings that address the world’s most complex human development challenges. The blog discusses innovative methodologies, offers critical reviews of journal articles and analyzes recent evaluation and research findings. Blog posts feature the analysis of FHI 360 thought leaders from multiple expertise areas, including civil society, communication, economic development, education, environment, gender, health, nutrition, research, social marketing, technology and youth.

Better research and evaluation outcomes can improve lives in lasting ways. And, the launch of R&E SEARCH for EVIDENCE provides a public forum dedicated to promoting a culture of generating and using evidence to make those improvements a reality. Cultivating more in-depth conversations about research and evaluation improves the dialogue among policymakers, researchers, evaluators and program designers. This, in turn, facilitates improved program design, more informed results and more evidence-based policy recommendations.

Annette N. Brown

Annette N. Brown is the editorial leader of R&E SEARCH for EVIDENCE. She also leads the Research and Evaluation Strategic Initiative at FHI 360, the purpose of which is to enhance the role that research and evaluation play in FHI 360’s work and reputation and expand the organization’s business in those areas.

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Corey White

Managing Editor
Corey White is the managing editor of R&E SEARCH for EVIDENCE. He also leads communications and supports management of FHI 360's Research and Evaluation Strategic Initiative whose purpose is to enhance the role that research and evaluation play in FHI 360’s work and reputation.

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Bruno Bouchet

Director, Health Systems Strengthening
Bruno Bouchet is the Director of the Health Systems Strengthening (HSS) division of FHI 360, where he leads and coordinates the application of quality improvement (QI) to health systems strengthening and the development of HSS capacities across FHI 360 departments and health programs.

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Holly Burke

Behavioral Scientist
Holly Burke is a behavioral scientist in the Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health (RMNCH) Division at FHI 360. She joined FHI 360 in 2002 and has more than a decade of experience designing and leading international research studies.

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Allison Burns

Library Manager
Allison Burns is the Library Manager for FHI 360. The Library is a part of the Knowledge Exchange team which facilitates knowledge sharing among FHI 360 staff in order to build and improve on FHI 360’s past experiences and successes. Burns manages the internal repository of FHI 360’s knowledge output as well as connects staff with the evidence needed to conduct high quality research and implement successful programs.

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Emily Evens

Emily Evens is a Scientist in the Health Services Research division at FHI 360. Trained as a health demographer, she has 16 years of international experience in the design and implementation of health research and program management.

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Felix Fernandez

Principal Research Scientist
Felix Fernandez is a Principal Research Scientist at FHI 360. He directs the United States Programs research and evaluation agenda which includes a portfolio of health, education, teacher preparation and professional development, college and career readiness, and workforce development projects.

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Michael Ferguson

Director, ASPIRES
Michael Ferguson is an economic strengthening and research expert, currently director of FHI360’s ASPIRES project, which aims to improve economic stability and related health outcomes of vulnerable populations, especially those affected by HIV/AIDS.

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Adria Gallup-Black

Associate Director, Research & Evaluation
Adria Gallup-Black is an Associate Director, Research & Evaluation, at FHI 360’s School & Community Services’ (US Programs) office in New York, where she directs and oversees the evaluations of the department’s education and youth development initiatives. She has a rich and varied background in survey methods, metrics development, and program evaluation, particularly in the areas of children, youth, and families at risk; family/intimate partner violence; education; housing and homelessness; welfare reform; race; and politics and political opinion.

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Greg Guest

Research Director
Greg Guest is the Director of the Global Health Research Department at FHI 360. Guest has over 20 years of international research experience, across all four of the major research sectors – academic, corporate, government, and non-profit. Throughout his career, Guest has researched a broad range of topics including Maya mythology, human ecology, economic development, and the social-behavioral aspects of family planning and HIV/AIDS.

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Kirsten Krueger

Research Utilization Technical Advisor
Kirsten Krueger is a Research Utilization Technical Advisor for the Global Health, Population and Nutrition Group at FHI 360. She specializes in designing and conducting evidence utilization activities globally and in the Africa region to accelerate adoption of evidence-based practices through close partnerships with donors, researchers, health policy makers, and program managers. Her areas of expertise include family planning/reproductive health, community-based access to injectable contraception, policy change and advocacy, and capacity building.

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Timothy Mastro

Chief Science Officer
Timothy Mastro serves as FHI 360’s Chief Science Officer, responsible for advancing the quality of science across the organization and growing research and evaluation capabilities in both the natural and social sciences. In his previous role as Director of Global Health, Population and Nutrition, Mastro oversaw global research and technical work across a broad range of health, population and nutrition areas.

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Emily Namey

Associate Director, Behavioral, Epidemiological, and Clinical Sciences Division
Emily Namey is the Associate Director of the Behavioral, Epidemiological, and Clinical Sciences division for Global Health, Population and Nutrition at FHI 360, where she facilitates and conducts social science research related to public health and development. She has implemented qualitative and mixed-methods research in over a dozen countries, on issues including HIV prevention, maternal and reproductive health, economic strengthening, child protection, and bioethics.

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Amy O'Regan

Research Associate
Amy O’Regan is a Research Associate in the Behavioral, Epidemiological & Clinical Sciences division for Global Health, Population and Nutrition at FHI 360. She provides support on a range of research studies in the form of quantitative data analysis, project management, ethics review management and technical writing.

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Tricia Petruney

Technical Advisor
Tricia Petruney is a Technical Advisor for Integrated Development & Research Utilization at FHI 360. She has over 10 years of experience supporting decision-makers and implementers with using evidence to make decisions about integrated solutions. She is a recognized expert in strengthening the linkages between multiple thematic development sectors, such as family planning and other key programs within health (e.g., HIV/AIDS) and other sector settings (e.g., environment, education, microfinance, agriculture).

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Gretchen Thompson

Senior Research Scientist
Gretchen Thompson is a Senior Research Scientist with the Behavioral, Epidemiological & Clinical Sciences division for Global Health, Population and Nutrition at FHI 360. She has expertise in translational public health, community health, global development, social capital and social epidemiology. She has published research in peer-reviewed outlets on public health, substance abuse, nutritional outcomes, community development, globalization, social capital and health disparities.

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Eleanor Wang

Research Associate
Eleanor Wang is a Research Associate in the Department of School and Community Services for US Programs at FHI 360. She conducts research and evaluation in quantitative and qualitative data analysis, and contributes to technical report writing of formative and summative evaluation designs. Wang’s portfolio of work includes education, college and career readiness, disconnected youth, economics, and workforce development.

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Research is creating new knowledge.

Neil Armstrong

As history has shown, pure science research ultimately ends up applying to something. We just don't know it at the time.

Neil deGrasse Tyson